What is it we Seek?

What is it we seek when it comes to photography? Do we seek the truth? Do we seek reality? Do we seek acceptance. Do we seek the unknown?

Exploring the world is slowly becoming my passion. Strange because this feeling has grown more and more ever since I have become an amateur photographer. Of course, the world was always my interest. The people. The cultures. The unique and wonderful places. Once the camera is in your hand, however, your senses are enhanced, and the world is yours to take.

What do we seek?


Each and every person is different. Gather a group of 10 people in a room and give them each a camera, and each person is going to have their own approach at capturing their photos. They’re going to have their own philosophy. Their own practice. Their own style. Are they going to just point and shoot the camera, or are they going to put everything they have into that one image.

One person may be drawn into portraits. He may seek the study of the human figure. The human face. The human beauty. Whereas, another person may be drawn into capturing still life. He may have a unique vision and capture the boring, dull objects we see in a room with a different perspective. A different angle. Perhaps he loves seeking the past. He goes out and finds the beauty of an old artifact from decades past and documents it.


Maybe another person may love nature and he seeks to better understand how the world works. He may strive to wake up early in the morning, prepare his gear and venture out to find the perfect landscape. That one part of the world where the sun rises and paints everything in a sea of orange.

Then, there’s the person interested in humans themselves, and how they go about in their daily lives. How they walk the streets to get to their destination. How they drive. How they talk. Eat. Interact. The street dwellers. The ones that want to go out and make sense of humanity. The ones that let their actors of the world walk freely and only capture them if the framing is right. If the timing is right.


Whatever it is we seek, there’s one thing that holds true amongst everyone. We go out there with our cameras, or canvases, or pens and papers, to seek our own truth. Our own reality. We try to get a better understanding of who we are by creating a work of art.

We seek to find beauty. We see to find ourselves.