Why I Hate Selfies

Selifes… The word alone makes me cringe. Hearing it makes me gag. Seeing them? Well, must you ask?

What fascinates this modern age of youngsters with selfies? Why must our social media feeds be filled with them? Selfies, to me, are ruining (if they haven’t already) photography. Ever since the addition of a camera on the front of every phone, these modern day “self portraits” boomed with popularity like crazy.

Selfies aren’t photographs. We all know that. They aren’t even pictures. They’re just, well, an annoyance. To me, they have no meaning whatsoever. To me it says that:

  1. I want to show off my body
  2. Look how cute/hot I look
  3. I want to show off what I’m doing
  4. I want to get as many likes and follows as possible
  5. Did you see how cute/hot I look?
  6. I want others to be jealous
  7. I want to let others know I just took a shit
  8. Seriously… Look how cute/hot I look
  9. I want others to know I just woke up/gone to sleep
  10. I want to get laid


There may be other pointers that I’m missing, but that’s pretty much the gist of what selfies are. And I’ll admit, I was one of those individuals that was sucked in by the phenomenon. I used to take selfies myself, but I realized how God awful terrible and cheesy they looked. I just couldn’t bear to look at anymore selfies of myself, let alone others.

Perhaps it’s the whole notion of getting more and more into photography. Once you get a traditional photo camera in your hands, you begin to take notice at these things. You begin to see other photos of friends and family members and secretly in your head say, “Wow, that’s pretty damn bad.” And no, I’m not making fun, nor am I being above everyone else, nor am I being a photography snob, but these are the things you start to notice.


Selfies just don’t make sense to me anymore. Posing yourself in front of a mirror and taking an “old school selfie” doesn’t make sense to me anymore. They’re just cringe-worthy pictures with no meaning.

Photography may become a dying art. Let’s do ourselves a favor and keep it from becoming extinct. Let’s get rid of selfies and make the world better. Turn that selfie stick around and see the world. Share your experiences. Not your muscles or breasts.