The Power of a Photo in Your Hands

Remember those boxes of photos that your mother or grandmother would pull out of the closet and sift through whenever they felt bored? Everyone in the family would gather around the couch and look at them one by one.

You would laugh… You would cry…


I feel the digital age has taken some part of that away from families today, or will more and more in the future. Not that storing digital files of your photos in your hard drive is a bad thing. Many people create and share albums with one another almost instantaneously nowadays. That is great and I have no problem with it. However, more and more people are not going the extra step and printing out their photographs.


In my opinion, nothing beats having a hard copy. Whether it being for music, movies, books, and even photographs… Having a hard copy in your hand is going to enhance your overall experience much more than a digital file. The only way you could touch and interact with your digital files is by plugging in your hard drive and clicking on the folder, etc. That’s fine and dandy, but you’re not feeling anything.

Photographs are the same way. You could always double click on a file of a photo to open up and you could view it on a screen, but you’re not going to be connected to it. Having the photo in your hand opens up more emotions. You’re touching something. You’re interacting with it. The memories of that time you snapped the photo come back to you. The crinkled up photo of yourself when you were a child is in your fingertips.


A hard copy of a photograph will always have meaning. Give a physical photo of a person you took a photograph of and they will cherish it forever. Who knows, they may even carry it in their pocket or wallets for the rest of their lives, and when times are tough, they could always go back to that photo, unfold it and connect.

There is a certain mystique of holding a photo. A certain power. Never give up the hard copy. Always have a photo in your hand to cherish for the rest of your life. Tell a great story.