Making the Best out of Any Opportunity

Each and of every one of us has their own style when it comes to photography. What type of subjects we go after, that is up to the person behind the camera. Street… Landscape… Stills… What have you. Each go about with their own unique way of capturing the image and sharing with the world.

I, for one, try to stick with street photography and anything that may seem mysterious and force the audience to think twice about what they are seeing. That doesn’t mean that I won’t experiment with other forms of photography.

Fun House (1 of 1)

That being said, last week, I was at an exotic car meet and decided to bring my camera of course. Normally, this isn’t my style. I love cars (exotic, mostly classic muscle cars), and I do take photos of them once in a while, but this isn’t what I do. Exotic cars, for the most part, are bright. They are colorful. They have a pristine shine to them. Things you normally see popping out in brilliant color photos.


I’m all about black and white. Monotone is my thing. It speaks to me in a different way. Classic black and white moving pictures? I’m there. It’s all about the noir man!

After seeing these beautiful cars, I knew I had to make something out of them. I had to take shots, but also think of how they would look unsaturated. Maybe throw in a few shades of color, but for the most part, keep it as unsaturated as possible.


At that event, I’ve seen other pro photographers that stick to car photography. That’s what they do. That’s their style. And boy, do they do a great job at it. But me, I was sort of the outcast. I was the street photographer. The mystery photographer. The guy looking for that strange, but beautiful shot. I did get several shots to my liking and I was satisfied.

Overall, it was a great experience and a great practice. It was an opportunity to work out of my norm. This is something each and every artist should do because it opens up your mind. It also makes you appreciate the style you work even more.


Make the best out of any opportunity that comes your way. You won’t regret it.

— ST