Seeing From a Different Perspective

I always had an interest in keeping things mysterious with my photos and videos. The idea of making the audience sit and ponder as to what they’re looking at fascinates me.

The camera is an excellent tool in creating this mystery. It is also a great tool in seeing things from a different perspective.

A feather pen may be just that from a distance. A simple old feather pen. We could take a photo of this feather pen from a few feet away and we’ll think nothing about it.

What if, however, you bring your camera closer? What if you sharpen it up to see the details of the feather? What if you drop down your f-stop so it gives you an amazing depth of field (aka bokeh) with an amazing background?


This is just a simple example of how photography allows you to see things in a different perspective.

A normal citizen of the world that has little to no interest in photography may walk down the street on a bright, sunny day and not pay the slightest attention to the harsh shadows that are being painted all throughout the city street.

A photographer, on the other hand, sees these shadows as an opportunity. It gives them something to work with. It gives them a different perspective on life.


Lower your camera and point it up…

Point your camera really high and look down…

The world is out there my friends, and it’s waiting to be seen in a different perspective. What will you capture?